Creating Effective Engagement

To be successful in business today you must create engagement with clients and prospective customers. But how do you communicate with them in a way that is meaningful, impactful, and effective? We are going to look at three key elements that are imperative in the customer engagement process. 1. Look at them as a person and not a sale. 2. Research. And 3. Meet them where they are.  Let’s look at these key elements in more detail.

Look at them as a person, not a sale

People hate being generalized. They don’t want to feel like a number, an unnamed target of a mass communication campaign. In order to truly connect with people, you need to treat them as individuals. Make them feel important to you. When you can show potential customers and clients that they are more than just a number to you, you will stand out in their minds. They will begin to develop a trust in you and your business. That trust is the foundation and ultimate goal of engagement. Once a person trusts you, they will come to you because they know you can meet their needs in a way that no one else can.


Start with your customer relationship management (CRM). How are you organizing what you know about your clients and customers? This is an important first step because without knowledge and understanding of your customer base it will be very difficult to engage them in a way that has any meaning. The more you know about someone the easier it is to connect with them. This is especially helpful for building a database for direct marketing strategies. The more information that is available in your database, the more effective variable data printing, and automated marketing campaigns will be.

Meet them where they are

Now that you know how to communicate with your customer base you need to know where to communicate with them. There are literally countless ways to reach your potential clients. One way that you might find effective is mobile communication. According to, 64% of Americans have a smartphone and a whopping 90% have a cellphone. Mobile communication gives you access to practically every single person in the United States. The way you reach a potential customer will change based on what you know about them, but if you keep in mind the principle of connecting with customers in ways that they want to be engaged, you are setting your business up for success.

So why does having effective engagement matter for your business? When you look at potential customers as individuals instead of sales, research your target audience, and meet customers where they are, you will separate yourself from competitors and gain a competitive advantage. Ultimately increasing your companies relevance and revenue.

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