From eBooks to digital magazines to online catalogs, PrintTek is here to help you create cross-platform digital publications

There’s no denying that in today’s culture, the easiest way to get someone to read something is to put it online.  Turn your digital and printed documents into interactive digital publications while maintaining the look and feel of print. Incorporate ecommerce and rich media integrations right within your publications to create an engaging customer experience.

digital publishing

Audience Engagement

Reach more people and in ways that are convenient and enjoyable for your audience with digital publishing. With the ability to publish your content so it’s viewable on a number of devices, from smartphones to desktop computers, the possibilities and audience reach are endless.

Rich Media Design and Features

Digital publishing allows for extra features that you couldn’t include in print, such as videos and animations and opportunities for audience interaction. Additionally, on site graphic designers will work with you to ensure that your project looks great.

digital publishing
digital publishing

eCommerce capabilities

PrintTek offers the ability to seamlessly enable eCommerce within your digital publication. This integration brings the ease and convenience of buying online directly into your content.

Social Integration

PrintTek uses social integration to publish your content where consumers will be able to see and interact with it, such as publishing your content directly on Facebook. Enabled social sharing allows readers to share articles or other publications on various social media platforms, allowing your content an even further reach.

digital publishing


  • SEO Web Optimization

  • Social integration

  • Analytics and Reports

  • eBook Publishing

  • Digital Magazines

  • Integrated ecommerce

  • Searchable Content

  • Rich Media Integration

  • Digital Publication Development

  • Responsive web pages

  • Digital Catalogs

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