When implementing Email Marketing, make sure you are doing so in the most effective and engaging ways

We provide email solutions to best engage with and manage your audience, offering tracking and analytics to ensure that your email campaigns are successful.

Use Relevant Communication to
Create Engagement

Consumers today are quick to hit the delete button if they don’t see something relevant to them in an email. Our goal is to help you engage your audience, giving them information that is relevant to them and makes them want more information.

Effectively reach the target audience with the right message through Testing and Optimization

Try out many alternative messages on a sample audience to find out which message will get the most results. PrintTek can dynamically test your messages to most effectively optimize your email campaigns for the best results.

email integration

Integration Made Simple

While we build emails that could stand on their own, we believe that email campaigns that are tightly integrated with other platforms are the most effective. With so many platforms and options involved in your marketing campaign, it just makes sense for your social media, website, direct mail, and email campaigns to all be supporting and driving each other.


  • Email Marketing Strategy

  • Email Segmentation

  • Advanced Analysis

  • Advanced A/B Testing

  • Email Content Creation

  • Email Autoresponders

  • Customized Templates

  • Excellent Email Deliverability

  • Triggered Campaigns

  • Ongoing Campaigns

  • Ongoing Support

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