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The PrintTek Marketers Guide Volume 3: Lead Scoring and Nurturing

Lead Nurturing helps companies by limiting lost opportunities. Systematically connecting with leads through emails and other content keeps them interested and less likely to drop out of the lead life cycle. With fewer lost opportunities, sales is able to close more deals and drive more revenue for your business. Lead nurturing is the process of […]

The PrintTek Marketers Guide Volume 2: Dynamic Content Delivery

The marketplace we live and work in today is radically different from the one in which many of us started. Salespeople and store employees used to be the experts, and brands and businesses used to spend advertising dollars to find prospects who needed their services. Today, the buyer is the expert and the one proactively […]

The PrintTek Marketers Guide Volume 1: Capturing and Tracking Leads

Understanding who is interacting with your marketing assets, which assets they are interacting with, and if they are qualified, actionable leads is imperative to the success of any marketing team. As marketers we understand that people are interacting with our marketing but many times we don’t have clarity on who is interacting with our marketing […]

How Technology Makes Print Even More Powerful (as seen in PS Magazine)

The concepts of leveraging the latest technology and the importance of data to achieve success are not new. This is one of the biggest myths affecting our industry causing some to shift their entire business models to keep pace. In fact our industry is based upon one of the world’s most disruptive technologies, printing. And […]

5 Ways to Combine Print and Technology for Better Results

Our world is becoming more and more digitally driven every day. 64% of American adults use smart phones and 85% of young adults own them (Pew Research Center). According to Ad Week, the average American adult spends 10 hours and 39 minutes a day consuming digital content, and that number is growing every year. So […]

How Integrated Marketing Communication Changes the Game

Integrated Marketing is the process of coordinating communication efforts across multiple marketing channels. It takes advantage of email, direct mail, mobile, print, web, and other communication methods to gain maximum impact with a target audience. Leading companies have seen firsthand how effectively implementing an integrated marketing strategy can improve their brand and drive more [...]

The 4 C’s of Integrated Communication

Integrated Communication is the strategy of combining multiple marketing channels to communicate one powerful message. Effectively implementing an integrated communication strategy requires four elements. Messages must be coherent, consistent, continuous, and complementary. Coherence: Messages must be logically connected across all channels. In order to build or maintain credibility with [...]

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