How Integrated Marketing Communication Changes the Game

Integrated Marketing is the process of coordinating communication efforts across multiple marketing channels. It takes advantage of email, direct mail, mobile, print, web, and other communication methods to gain maximum impact with a target audience. Leading companies have seen firsthand how effectively implementing an integrated marketing strategy can improve their brand and drive more revenue.

This article will talk about three ways that integrated marketing communication changes the game for leading companies.


Integrated marketing communication reaches a broader audienceSpeaker giving a talk on corporate Business Conference. Audience at the conference hall. Business and Entrepreneurship event.

Potential customers consume content differently. Depending on demographic, geographic, and personal interest, individuals might prefer getting messages on their phone rather than on their computer, while others would rather get a direct mail or physical piece of marketing. By developing cross-channel marketing campaigns, leading companies are able to reach all of these individuals in the ways that they want to consume content. When potential customers are reached in the ways they prefer, they are much more likely to engage.


Integrated marketing communication increases engagement

Some of the most successful companies in the world excel at engaging their audience. Authentic engagement leads to repeat business and customer loyalty. According to Stand Out Social Market, “Content published on 2 or 3 channels had a 24% increase in engagement”. To read more about how engaging with your customers can improve your revenue check out this article on Creating Effective Engagement. When companies market their brand through multiple channels potential customers are much more likely to engage with that brand.


Integrated marketing communication boosts revenuebusiness, finance, saving, banking and people concept - close up of woman hands counting us dollar money

A well-executed integrated marketing strategy improves a company’s ability to boost revenue. 60% of mature multichannel marketers reported increases of more than 10% in revenue that are attributed to marketing programs (Forrester 2012). By executing marketing across channels companies can significantly increase their top line. This increase in revenue is a direct result of integrated campaigns boosting engagement and reaching a broader audience. Building and executing effective integrated marketing campaigns is essential to continued marketing excellence. 86% of marketing professionals agree that successfully integrating multiple channels under a single integrated marketing strategy is crucial to their long-term success (Forrester 2012). An integrated marketing strategy is more than just a lead generator for sales, it elevates marketing to become one of the primary revenue drivers in any business.

Looking at the statistics and the logic of integrated marketing campaigns it becomes clear that when executed effectively, integrated marketing communication will boost revenue, reach a broader audience, and increase engagement. a well executed integrated marketing campaign is game changing for any business.

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