Little Known Ways to Keep Print Relevant

Our society and business culture are now dominated by technology. However, print is still a valuable and effective resource when it comes to planning your marketing campaigns and successfully running your business. Using print and technology together in harmony is not only a great way to stay up to date with the latest communication trends, but also the best way to engage with your audience and get the results you’re looking for. Here are three basic ways to keep print relevant in your next marketing venture.

Interactive Print

QR Codes have been around for a while now, but they still serve as a great way to have your audience engage with you. The key to an effective QR code is clearly giving your audience members a reason to scan. Once your audience has an incentive to scan the code, they are exponentially more likely to scan and view more of your company’s content; this makes the conversion from prospect to customer much more likely.

Another interactive print solution is clickable paper. Clickable paper allows you to use your smart phone and printed media harmoniously. After scanning the printed content with the camera, clickable links and digital content will appear over top of the photo of the print media.

One of the newest and most advanced pieces of interactive print technology in the business world today is the technology behind augmented reality. With augmented reality, printed labels, catalogs, or anything really, can literally come to life before your eyes. Using a smart phone to scan a piece of printed material, the image on your phone suddenly comes to life, inserting digital, interactive creations right on top of the physical item in front of you.

Personalized Pieces

When it comes to marketing, people aren’t going to bother reading or even glancing over something unless they can immediately see how it’s relevant to them. This is especially true when it comes to printed mail. If a potential customer receives a piece of direct mail that appears general, vague, and irrelevant, it’s extremely likely that that piece of paper will be thrown in the trash. However, with variable data printing, your business can ensure that each and every piece of mail printed is personalized and relevant to a specific consumer.

Another way that personalization can help to keep print relevant is through the use of PURLS. Including personalized URLs on your printed collateral serves not only to engage your audience but also to use print and technology solutions together.

3D Printing

While 3D printing and prototyping is a variation on print in the traditional sense, this new innovation in marketing is still a great example of using physical print and digital technology in harmony. 3D printing allows for the easy transition from a digital model to a physical, tangible object. 3D printing can be used to quickly and accurately make models and prototypes for your business. In the realm of marketing, 3D printing can be used to make promotional items and customer appreciation pieces. This technology is new, innovative, and intriguing, and will definitely generate buzz with your customer-base.

In this, the digital age, your business will stand out when you use print and technology harmoniously. Print is still relevant and an effective resource, especially when it works hand in hand with technology solutions.

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