What does PrintTek’s Managed Communication Service do for you?

PrintTek’s Managed Communication is about Executing, Managing, and Analyzing your company’s marketing process. Managed Communication empowers marketing communication and creates long-term, personal relationships.

Drive Engagement and Revenue

Positively impact both the top and bottom lines

Top Line 

Improving the experience and engagement of prospects and customers drives more demand for products and services, generates higher quality leads, and helps close more sales.

Bottom Line

Improving process and operational efficiencies decreases costs (e.g., resources, capital equipment, outsourcing) while increasing profitability.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Game changing communication creates differentiation


Agile, responsive, and personal communication sets your company apart and builds long-term relationships.  This is extremely important today when differentiation is so difficult.

Brand Relevance

Companies can more easily, quickly, and effectively deliver the right message to the right person at the right time via the right channel. This dramatically increases your company’s relevance in customers’ eyes.

Achieve Organizational Goals

Realize core strategic goals

Increased Efficiency

Launch campaigns in hours or days. Automating common tasks allows relationship-building with fewer resources while increasing personalization. Sales can use lead intelligence to shorten the sales cycle.

Data Intelligence

Visibility into the performance of campaigns, personas, and buying stages allows companies to optimize communication efforts, improve results, and measure ROI.

business goals

Optimize Internal Operations & Cooperation

Provide the infrastructure for sales and marketing to work together

business goals

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Effectively align the needs and goals of your sales team to the objectives of your marketing programs. This alignment results in nurturing, scoring, and handoff processes tuned to sales’ requirements, leading to intradepartmental trust and more effective follow-up.

Sales Intelligence

The real-time intelligence about a lead’s fitness, concerns, and behaviors lets the sales rep begin a warm, targeted conversation and build a relationship more quickly. It also reduces the need for cold calls.

Managed Communication Model

At PrintTek, we have developed a unique approach to enable your business model and create new revenue opportunities.  We deliver managed services for your entire marketing process or just to help facilitate select components.

At PrintTek, we deliver game-changing results and accelerate the journey
of transforming communication through print and technology.

Analysis & Strategy

Our process starts and ends with Game Changing impact.  Start with Planning & Development. End with Data Analysis & Revenue Performance Management.

Execution & Engagement

We create communication that drives engagement.  Our technology, people, and solutions execute your strategies with excellence.

Management & Optimization

Turn marketing into a revenue driver. With lead management and sales enablement solutions we focus on real results.

Managed Communication Services

Email Marketing Sales Enablement Prediction/Scoring Cross Media Communication
Campaign Management Demand Generation CRM Integration Database Management
Lead Management Marketing Analytics Revenue Performance Management Landing Pages
Content Management Marketing Programs Communication Planning Website Tracking

Excellent service. Excellent Results.

Providing game changing communication to get you to the top