The 4 C’s of Integrated Communication

Integrated Communication is the strategy of combining multiple marketing channels to communicate one powerful message. Effectively implementing an integrated communication strategy requires four elements.

Messages must be coherent, consistent, continuous, and complementary.

Coherence: Messages must be logically connected across all channels.

In order to build or maintain credibility with customers and prospects businesses need to make sure their messages make sense from one channel to the next. If a potential customer were to view a message on their phone and then get a direct mail with a similar message that fails to connect the ideas from other channels, they will likely be confused and turned off from the brand.

Consistency: Communication across channels must support and reinforce the primary message.

The use of consistent design, messaging, and calls to action reinforce brands and products in the minds of potential customers. Consistent communication across several marketing channels goes a long way in getting prospects to convert to customers.

Continuity: The primary message should be connected through time.

As cross-channel marketers send emails, direct mail, mobile messages, and other communication to their prospects, there should be a clear flow from one message to the next. The topics don’t all need to say the same thing but the information needs to build on the primary message.

Complementary: Messages should be better together.

Like good Bordeaux enhances the flavor of a tender steak, marketing pieces should complement one another and create an even stronger message. When paired with the other consistent, coherent, and continuous marketing materials, Messages are so much better than they ever could be by themselves.

By using the 4 C’s of integrated marketing communication businesses can ensure that their messages are all working together to convert prospects into customers. When communication is effective, customers gain interest and start paying attention. Ultimately sales will increase and companies will become much more profitable.

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