The New PrintTek

We are excited to introduce: PrintTek, an Integrated Communications Company, providing game changing communication through print and technology. We offer the same great quality you’ve come to always expect – now with expanded services.

Game Changing Communication

Through Integrated Communication PrintTek brings game changing strategies to your business. Integrated Communication lets you engage your target audience in ways that will stand out and show them that you are the best option for them. Game Changing Communication makes your business more profitable and gets you Real Results.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the way businesses interact with customers and employees needs to change. Integrated communication solutions focus on consistency across communication channels, unification of business processes, and personalization of marketing messages.

Game-Changing-Comm-ImageIntegrated Communication

When communication across channels is consistent, customers won’t be confused by what you are trying to tell them. Your message will come in loud and clear helping your target audience to understand why you are the best option for them. Clear and consistent Marketing Communication will set you apart from your competition and gain the trust of potential customers and clients.

Integrating Internal Communications

When business processes are unified, employees will be more engaged and work more efficiently. So often employees get mixed messages from management; contradictory requests and emails coming from managers and departments that aren’t on the same page. Businesses need to ensure that their Internal Communications are uniform so that employees understand what’s going on and can get things done both efficiently and effectively.

 EngagementManager and secretary working in the office

Customers today are smarter and more informed than ever. Based on studies done by Google and CEB, buyers are nearly 60 percent through the sales process before ever contacting a sales rep. In today’s digital society people have access to so much information. They can find out just about anything they want about your products before ever contacting you. That means your marketing communication needs to be engaging your target audience effectively if you want a shot at converting those potential buyers into real customers. Effective engagement is critical to the success of your organization.

Personal Communication

Part of having effective engagement is making your communication personal. When marketing messages are personal, consumers will feel like more than a number and will feel they can trust you with their business. Many companies marketing and business communication can come across as if they were “shouting” at the target audience. According to, buying something is more of an emotional act for customers than ever before. They expect businesses to earn their money; they won’t just hand it over. Companies that use their communication processes to “shout” at customers and employees are missing the message that consumers are trying to send. People need to feel like they matter in order to make a purchasing decision.

Two businessmen sitting indoors with coffee laptop and folder


PrintTek’s communication solutions are built to enhance your internal operations and increase the effectiveness of your marketing by employing game changing strategies that truly engage with your target audience.

PrintTek provides cutting edge print services like variable data printing, interactive print technologies, and 3D printing, as well as game changing technology services like automated marketing, email communication, and web 2 print storefronts for ecommerce. PrintTek is prepared to help your business thrive in today’s changing society.

Let us help you integrate your communication with game changing strategies that will get the real results you need. Welcome to the new PrintTek, providing communication through print and technology.



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