The PrintTek Marketers Guide Volume 3: Lead Scoring and Nurturing

Lead Nurturing helps companies by limiting lost opportunities. Systematically connecting with leads through emails and other content keeps them interested and less likely to drop out of the lead life cycle. With fewer lost opportunities, sales is able to close more deals and drive more revenue for your business.

Lead nurturing is the process of providing relevant content across the life cycle of a lead. When an individual becomes interested in your product or service they can be placed into a specific nurture “stream” of content where they will receive information about their specific interest. If they interact with that content they will be moved into a new nurture stream of content that is focused on conversion. The goal of lead nurturing is to always be providing the content that is most relevant to where the potential customer is in the buying process in order to convert them to a paying customer.


Lead Scoring looks at the behaviors (clicked link, didn’t open email, attended webinar, etc.) and demographics (job title, industry, geographical location, etc.) of potential customers and responds by assigning positive or negative scores based on these factors. Marketing teams can  push content like emails, social posts, paid ads, direct mail, and more to potential customers. When leads begin to interact with the content their scores will start to go up. For example an anonymous lead fills out a form (+25 points) then reads a relevant blog post (+10 points), and clicks 3 links in an email (+5 points per link). Their score hits 50 and marketing can conclude that the lead is interested and engaged, and hand them off to sales to close a deal.

Nurturing leads with targeted, purposeful, and personal content is a very powerful way to convert interested individuals into buying customers. Automated tracking and monitoring of lead activities allows you to know who’s interacting with each piece of your content and when they should be sent new resources, or handed over to sales. No more guessing and cold calling.

Lead scoring is an amazing tool that allows marketing and sales to stay on the same page. Marketing works with leads until their score reaches a “hot” zone, and then passes them along to sales to close them.

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