Using the Technology of Pokémon Go to Drive Business

The mobile phone game Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm and captured the interest of our society. Basically it’s a mobile game that utilizes geo-location and augmented reality to immerse the gamer into a virtual Pokémon world where they can look for and capture all kinds of fantastical creatures. Here is an image of me catching a Pidgey in my kitchen.

Pokemon Go

One of the reasons this game is so popular is due to the unique experience it offers. Augmented reality hasn’t been on the radar for very long and people are just recently realizing how powerful this technology is.

Augmented reality creates a digital overlay of the image or object that it’s scanning and allows the user to interact with it digitally. Whether it’s providing the opportunity to explore more about a product or service, take them to a webpage, or enable virtual interaction, augmented reality is able to create engagement with your marketing content.

Businesses can utilize augmented reality in multiple ways. On the marketing side, augmented reality can be used to enhance printed marketing efforts. The following video shows several examples of ways that direct mail campaigns can be enhanced through the use of augmented reality technology.

Augmented reality can be a game changer when it comes direct mail ROI. The numbers for direct mail are already staggeringly high, but adding augmented reality capabilities can boost ROI even higher.Augmented reality isn’t limited to just print. It works on any surface that can be scanned by a mobile device, even if its digital. This allows companies to create new and interactive ways for customers and prospects to engage with all of their platforms. An augmented reality enabled image could be posted to social media sites to boost social engagement and generate interest. Websites, landing pages, or even emails could be engineered to contain this technology as well.

The possibilities to incorporate augmented reality are endless. Volvo is an example of a company that successfully implemented an augmented reality campaign. Volvo teamed up with YouTube to create an augmented reality advertisement that blew their competition out of the water. Analytics on the campaign showed a 9.6% interaction rate, 192,319 clicks on the advertisement masthead, and a traffic increase of 293% to their website

View their augmented reality ad here to see the unique way Volvo incorporated the technology to make their marketing game-changing.

In addition to providing game changing ways to create engagement with marketing programs, augmented reality is also an extremely useful tool for operations. Companies can use the technology to visualize 3D prototypes and drafts. It can also be used to show employees the quickest route through a warehouse for more efficient supply management. Augmented reality allows companies to execute their operations much more efficiently. Microsoft is working on a product called Halolens that will combines the concepts of virtual and augmented reality to take this technology to the next level. View it here!

Augmented reality is an amazing technology that really stands out to potential customers. Not only can it make a huge impact on ROI, but also has the potential to increase the efficiency of business processes.

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