Intentional, Personalized Communication is Essential in the Customer Engagement Process

Variable Data Printing draws from your customer database and creates an individualized piece of mail in the template of your choice. Creating unique and personal experiences communicates your message to the target audience in a way that makes them feel important, and will drive responses.

Create a Relationship, Not Just a Customer

When your marketing campaigns are personal, people will notice. Everyone wants to be treated like they matter and potential customers want to know they are more than just a number in the accounting books. PrintTek’s Variable Data Printing solutions will not only attract new customers, they will get them to stay.

Excellent Database Management

In order for Variable Data Printing to work, organizations need to have an accurate and thorough customer database. PrintTek can manage and organize your customer database to achieve optimum results in your personal marketing campaigns.

Variable Data Printing for Business

Not only can Variable Data Printing be used to create engaging marketing campaigns, but it can also be utilized in the creation of client statements, invoices, and prospectus communications. Maintain a personal relationship with existing customers and clients.


  • Personalized Marketing Brochures

  • Statements

  • Invoices

  • Prospectus Communication

  • Direct Mail

  • Print Communication

  • Email Campaigns

Excellent service. Excellent Results.

Providing game changing communication to get you to the top